evans-book-cover-landscape-small-amazonJerri Evans is an accomplished, previously published author and we are happy to be the publisher for her new book, Baby Boomers: In a Nutshell.  Jerri will sell books locally and also on  We are excited to have Jerri on board and look forward to working with her again soon.  Congratulations Jerri on your newest book!


Candice Daquin, a Texas resident, was originally born in France into a very creative family, and later moved to England.  While Candice was young, she studied film, art, dance, acting, and writing.  Candice has also traveled and experienced cultures from many families.  Now, in Texas, she continues to pursue her love of the arts, including poetry.  A Jar for the Jarring is her first book of poetry published.  Candice is excited to begin this new journey as she sets up book signings, poetry readings, and of course, writing her upcoming 2nd book.  Please welcome Candice and wish her the best in her new venture. Cheers!


Ari Priakos - Author - The Reference Point

Ari Priakos and I began talking in late September. He had his book, The Reference Point, mostly completed.  Having contacted big box publishers nationwide, he felt he needed a more personalized touch and contacted me.   By mid-October, we had finished his book, The Reference Point and helped him launch his journey, one he has been working towards for decades.  Aristides Priakos, Ari as his friends call him, has business in his blood. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the financial services industry and was a bond trader and investment banker for most of his business career. He now divides his time between speaking engagements and his entrepreneur and philanthropic endeavors.   The “references points” are the keys and the most important elements of how we affect each other’s lives personally, socially and professionally. The one thing we must change first is ourselves. Ari says, “We are here to serve others. When we understand how to serve, and can teach others to do the same, that is the reward, and the prize in life. It is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done, and I am always learning.” Ari now resides in San Antonio, Texas, when not traveling for speaking engagements, or in the Caribbean, enjoying the sand and beach.

Thank you Ari for choosing me to be a part of this great journey!  I truly look forward to working with you as you take your dream on the road and share your message to all.  It’s gonna be a great ride!

Ari’s First book, The Reference Point, is available on
Congratulations to Ari’s success with the release of his second book, “I, Alone – Mastering Life’s 7 Principles”.

Local San Antonio residents, contact us through his website and save Shipping charges.


Bob LeJeune

Bob LeJeune is a local San Antonio, Texas resident who was born and raised in Iota, Louisiana.  We met through a referral and met in person soon after.  He shared with me his childhood in the Iota Parish, how he left after he entered the military and then many years later began researching and re-learning about the hometown that had grown up without him.  Bob has put a number of years into his research.  He has asked for and received photos and other documents that map out the history of his hometown.  Over the past two months, we have worked together to put it all into the final format that’s going to press this week.  It’s always enjoyable to work on history books such as this.  It’s enjoyable to share the passion that someone has for where they were raised.  You not only get to read the stories, but many times get to hear them in person.  I’ve gotten to know Bob a little better each time we’ve met and hopefully he feels the same way about me.  I’d like to congratulate him on the completion of his book, and wish him all the best as he now prepares to load up his car and  head to Iota, Louisiana just in time for Mardi Gras.

We’ll publish information regarding availability of “From Pointe-aux-Loups thru Cartville to Iota” as soon as it’s online.

Lena “Marina” Garcia found us through an online search and made contact in mid 2014.  A resident of Uvalde, TX, Marina was born in San Antonio, TX and grew up in Houston, TX, before moving around and traveling the Northern states.  After relocating back to Uvalde, TX, Marina began writing; she was inspired by the stories she listened to as a child.  “The Spider’s Christmas” is a wonderful, easy to read, children’s book about a spider family that learns the meaning of celebrating Christmas.  Marina is the illustrator as well, drawing in a medium of crayon and scrap paper that produces beautiful organic images, fitting for the wonderfully simple and very fun stories she writes.

The Spider’s Christmas” will be followed up with “Another Spider’s Christmas” this 2015 Christmas season.  Also in the works is “The Big Forest“, scheduled for release in the summer of 2015 and “Little Buffalo” to follow shortly afterwards.  We’ll continue to update the status of Marina’s book series here.  Stay tuned.


Sandra Steindl Rodriguez, daughter of Frank and Martha (Rogers) Steindl is a local San Antonio resident who began researching her family history over 20 years ago. Today, she has compiled volumes of history spanning centuries and over 11 generations of the Ellwood Family.  So much in fact that she is breaking up her complete family history into 6 volumes.  The Family History of Richard Ellwood, Sr. and his six children will release one volume at a time.  We have been working with Sandra for over a year, helping her through concept and layout to editing and proofing.  We are continuing daily with updates and edits to the original documents, making sure everything is just right before press time.  We very excited for her as we get closer to printing!

World Destruction, Mystery Revealed

Willie Williams is an anointed minister and messenger for God for the past 30 years.  His first book, Jesus Christ “SUN” of Righteousness, presents scripture from the King James Bible in a new and unique way, revealing hidden messages for all of mankind.  In his God inspired book, you will encounter many interesting topics, and scriptures that have never been revealed and taught to you before now.  Many Christians will be in awe to witness hidden or covered meanings of many scriptures.  The unprecedented arrangement of scriptures presented in his book are amazing and shocking.  You can learn more about Willie and the prophecies revealed at his website, or

Willie can be reached at

His book may be purchased online.

Mike Addison, Author

Mike Addison came to me with the desire to publish a book of stories and anecdotes that covered his many years working at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  The stories are wild and true and could have only happened back in that day.  As told by G.R. Williamson, a Texas historian and writer, The Real Hotel tells you the behind the scenes stories of the small army of employees that take care of the guests in the historic old hotels that lie just off the Quarter in New Orleans.  The author, Mike Addison, spent almost two decades working in the old hotels beside the numerous Cajun and Cuban workers, sharing their lives and stories.  Combining humor and pathos, he tells their poignant stories in an earthy narrative that is very realistic and a pleasure to read.  Mike now lives in Helotes, Texas with his wife, Carolyn and his 3 four-legged children, Surprise, Boomer, and Jack.  Mike’s book can be purchased through or by contacting him directly at

Thank you Mike for sharing your stories with me and allowing me to help you achieve this dream of getting your book in print.  I know it was a long time coming and the edits never seemed to stop.  Yet, we got through it all and managed to live to tell the stories!

GLORY is the first book written by Texas Cowboy Poet and Storyteller, Jim Plunkett.  Jim has spent decades going around Texas spinning yarns and telling tales, campfire style.  One day, somebody told him that he needed to put those tales and poems in a book and someone would probably buy it.  Now, Glory, has far exceeded Jim’s expectations of popularity and we’ve not even marketed outside of his local area.  Glory allows us to fade back to a simpler time and enjoy the stories as only a true Cowboy could tell them.  You’ve not heard these stories before unless you’re one of the fortunate ones to hear Jim speak in person.  Books are currently available by contacting me at or (210) 549-7874.

Jim, it has been a pleasure helping you get your collection of stories in print.  I am honored to have been a part of making that dream come true and look forward to “encouraging” you to do a 2nd volume.

We are always excited to work with first time authors, or those who have tried working with “big box” publishers and felt as if they were left in a void.  We spend quality time with each of our clients to ensure that all questions are answered and all fears are managed.  Publishing your first book is a huge step.  Our job is to make it easy, fun, and hassle-free.  Thank you for visiting our Authors and Friends page.  We hope that you’ll choose South Texas Print Guy for your next book and we’ll see you on this page next!


Tim Lippard