If you’re on a budget and our standard pricing model doesn’t work for you, we may have the solution. Contact us and submit your finished story or manuscript for us to review. If we approve the submission, we will make the following offer:

We will print 10 books and give them to you at no charge.
We will take over the marketing and placement for your book.
We will put your book on Amazon at no cost to you.
We will pay you a 12% royalty on the difference between the cost to produce the book and the selling price for each book sold.

You will retain full copyright to your book, but we will retain the exclusive rights to market and sell your book for a period of a minimum of 2 years.

We will print additional books for you, at your request, at our standard pricing that is quoted to you before we go to press.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all submissions will be accepted.  One of the most important factors of any submission to accepted is the overall broad appeal of the story.  Other factors include, but are not limited to, readability, the overall polish of the submitted copy, the relevance to the marketplace, and length.  We will review all submissions in a timely manner and give you a decision whether we accept or decline, quickly.