New Hardcover Sizes

Hardcover books have always been cost prohibitive in small quantities. Most book printers don’t want to touch a hardcover binding job less than 500 copies.  It just isn’t economically feasible for either them or you.

Fortunately, there’s us.  We can print and publish your story or manuscript in a hardcover format starting at 50 copies, at a reasonable price.  We now can offer hardcovers in the following sizes:

8.5″x11″, 8″x10″, and 8″x6″

Contact us at (210) 549-7874 for more information.

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Today more than ever, writers and authors have resources available that covers almost all aspects of the writing process, from idea creation to writing to publishing.  We’re here to try and help you with finding the best resources to get the job done.  Stay tuned here as we add new content.

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